dongria kondh


This is Dongria Kondh Cotton saree. It is my only collection. The needlecraft belongs to Odisha, India. I did not know much about the saree before buying it. I first saw it in a Facebook group. I loved that texture at first sight so I decided to buy the saree. I bought the saree from a boutique. The texture of the weaving is awesome and can be distinguished from other sarees.


I always try to gather information about sarees. So I google about the saree and found an interesting story. The textiles narrate the history of Niyamgiri hills and Niyam Raja. I will not tell the whole story right now. This is the place where Kondh people live. The whole place is dependent on the cultivation. The people invest their maximum time in agriculture. But in the leisure time, they, specially Kondh women use to practice their crafts. They believe to keep the traditional flow of their ancestors. The Dongria saree displays the social context of that place. It is the symbolic representation of their identities.

Dongria Kondh saree
The body is woven by minakari buti. The anchal is wide and designed with geometric patterns. Sometimes designs of temples, triangular motifs are found. My saree has geometric patterns.


Last year, I draped this saree on the occasion of Children’s Day. Once I used to think about what was missing in me for being a mother. According to doctors, I was fit for the baby. Still, what was that? what kept me away from getting the title of motherhood. Days spent, months spent, years passed, my individuality started to blur. People started to react to me.
I was frustrated with the negative feedback of the pregnancy test again and again. My tears came out in front of my God. My family members and neighbors always inspired me telling me that I would be a mother. Still, my mind was not agreed upon. I became claustrophobic. My husband decided to adopt a child. I was also with him. I never lose hope though. Suddenly I spotted double lines in Prega News. I cried. But this time the tears were for happiness and peace. I did not have any idea that he was already two months old in my womb. At last, my son Aniruddha was born. The darkness was gone. It was one of the finest days of my life. I became a Mother and I am proud of it. I think every day is children’s day. We must raise them in such a way that they can have a brighter life.