Swarnachari saree and Baluchari saree are the same in weaving, design, and conception. But the main difference is Swarnachari saree has gold threads in the body where Baluchari saree has silk threads. The saree is very classy and elegant. It has the mythological motifs in its body. Despite the bright color, its “swarnachari” color is off-white and red with a strong indication of gold.

This saree is derived from Baluchari saree. In the place of the silk thread, the saree comes with the gold. This is a Bengali weave. The weaving of this fabric can be traced since the era of Nawab Murshid Quli Khan. He was the Nawab of Bengal in the 18th century. But during the British Raj, the weaving of this fabric drastically decreased. Because the British forced the weavers to quit the handlooms and use the local cheap products.


The fabric belongs to Bishnupur, a place of West Bengal. This weaving craft is an ancient product. It originated when the Mallas made their capital Bishnupur. They gave birth to the Baluchari and Swarnachari saree.

The designs we see on the saree is resembles the mythological stories like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Some of the saree also takes Bhagabata Gita to create the motifs. The use of bright colors is very common. It expresses the rural life, village, flowers, fishes, etc. We can spot Kalka motifs in the border. Several other motifs are also there in the saree.

The weaving of this saree needs immense effort. A minimum of 5 days is essential to make this handloom. Very skilled and laborious weavers work together to design the craft. Because in this case, the gold zari is much needed to infuse with the silk. This saree is known as one of the richest, creative heritage of Bengal.

The saree I draped has the Copper zari in it. We know that the mythological motifs are all over the saree. But when I bought this saree, it was different from the other one. The zari has the paisley designs which resemble the ornamental designs. The half portion has this design and another half portion has the small buti design. We must carry the saree perfectly. The quality of the silk is really rich and thick. The saree is so gorgeous and ornamental that the use of ornaments is not necessary. I draped this saree on the occasion of a marriage ceremony.