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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Linen Jamdani - Mixture of two different fibres.

Saree is my  love forever. Saree is not constrained with age. If you are going in a party and you don't have any suitable dress for the occasion , saree is always there at your service and a proper drape with matching accessories it will outshine all other dresses. I personally find excuses to wear sarees in any occasion. It brings me happiness and  admiration  too.


Being  a Bengalee,wearing saree is my passion. It is easy to maintain. I think it is the best way to showcase your beauty. From childhood, I dreamt always to have a wardrobe full of sarees. It doesn't mean that I don't wear other attires. But when it is saree, I always go for it. It makes me comfortable, happy. I look myself comfortable and charming with saree.  When my mood is off, I stand in front of my wardrobe. The variety and the beauty of saree instantly makes me happy.

The saree I draped today is one of my favourite in my collection, the Linen Zari Jamdani. Linen is very rich fibre.It needs laborious manufacturing process. The sarees made of linen is suitable for hot and humid weather. It is one of the oldest textiles in the world. It was first found in 8000 BC. It is so strong that it was used as the currency in the Ancient Egypt. The Mummies were also wrapped in the linen clothes to protect from erotions. The linen fabric also supports the Oil Paintings.

The Jamdani, a Persian term, has  another speciality. It is the fine Muslin textiles from Bengal (actually Bangladesh). The tradition of preparing muslin jamdani started from Mughal era. It is hand wooven textiles by skilled and expert weavers. Before the British Raj, the muslin was the best fibre in the world. Jamdani is typically woven using a mixture of cotton and gold thread. Jamdani patterns are mostly of geometric, plant, and floral designs and are said to have originated thousands of years ago. It is very luxurious.

Now come to my saree,it was a surprize for me. It was gifted by my niece in this Puja. The saree is very comfortable and light. The mixture of bottle green and parrot green is really eye catching. I wore a black blouse with it because the actual matching blouse was not tailored yet. I am teamed up with minimal jewelleries.

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