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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Why Everyone Is Talking About the Pure Matka silk


I become very much delighted thinking that there are so many collections of Matka sarees in my wardrobe. Among the all Matka, this is unique. I have already written about Matka in my older articles. In this article, I will tell you about the design, colour and comfort of this saree. I bought this saree from Bidisha Sarkar through online booking. What I had demanded, I got the same saree. The unique feature is admirable and awesome. The navy-blue body with greenish yellow border really makes it attractive. The digital print of flower design is mind blowing. The saree is very light and comfortable for draping. The combination of design and colour will attract the viewers. This is one of my favourite sarees. I received admirations for this saree. I draped it on Swaraswati Puja. No need to be paired with rigorous make ups. It is beautiful with simplicity.

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